The URL API is used to create a link to a survey. This is also known as a Survey Link or an Email Link. The survey URLs allow multiple presentations and submissions in same session.

Some Customer Passed Parameters (CPPs) are collected automatically when the URL API is used:

  • sid
  • survey_time
  • survey_submits

If additional CPPs are desired, they may be appended using the syntax provided below.

URL Format

ForeSee uses the following parameters to build the URL for CX Measurement surveys:

  • cid: Customer Identifier provided by ForeSee
  • sid: Survey Identifier provided by ForeSee

Example Format (CX Measurement):[CID]&sid=[SID]     // generic example    // working example

Example Format (Feedback):
For the Feedback surveys, the survey URL is obtained from CX Suite.[alphanumeric code]

Adding Additional CPPs

Use these guidelines when you need to pass additional CPPs using the URL API.

CX Measurement Survey:
Append CPPs at the end of the URL using the format &cpp[name]=value.
For example:[]&sid=[]&cpp[cpp1]=1234  // generic example[custid]=1234 // working example

Add the first CPP by appending a string in this format to the end of the URL: ?cpp[name]=value. Additional CPPs are added in the style of &cpp[name2]=value2.
Example:[alphanumeric code]?cpp[custid]=1234&cpp[custid2]=abcd

Send a Test Submission (CX Measurement Only)

If you would like to send a test to verify ForeSee receives your parameter, you must select “Don’t Know” for the first set of questions and submit the survey. Then, you must contact your Implementation Consultant (if launching a new measure) or Support (if checking on an existing measure).