Invitation States


Platform-independent Content (Android and iOS)

This article applies to both Android and iOS operating systems.

The ForeSee® CX Measure SDK is managed by a state machine. The following diagram shows the states and transitions of the SDK driven by the supported user operations.


In general, the SDK has the following states:

  1. Waiting for criteria state​: This is the initial state. When the SDK starts for the first time, it enters in this state.
  2. Ready to show invite state: The SDK enters into this state when a criterion is met. You can define your criterion in the foresee_configuration.json file.
  3. Showing invite state: When the app calls the checkIfEligibleForSurvey method after a criterion is met, the SDK enters into this state and triggers an invitation for the configured invitation mode. Please refer to the Invitation Modes section (Android / iOS) for all available invitation modes. You can define your survey's invitation mode in the foresee_configuration.json file.
  4. Showing survey state: When a user accepts an invitation, the SDK enters into this state and displays a survey.
  5. Not ready to show another invite state: When a user completes a survey, withdraws from (abandons) a survey, or declines an invitation, the SDK enters this state and waits for repeat days to pass before inviting a user to participate in a survey again. Please refer to the Repeat Days section (Android / iOS) for more information about repeat days. Once repeat days have elapsed, the state of the SDK transitions back to the Waiting for criteria state.

Reset Sate

You can manually reset the state and criteria of the SDK by calling the resetState method. For more information, please refer to our API documentation: