Migrating to 6.0.0 from Previous Versions

ForeSee iOS SDK v6.0.0 contains the following breaking changes:

  • Methods marked deprecated in previous versions have been removed. Modern alternatives exist for each of the removed methods. Removed methods include:

    • Typeless contact details getters/setters
    • Pre-iOS-10 notification methods
    • Redundant CPP getters/setters
  • The ForeSeeFeedback class in the ForeSeeFeedback module was renamed ForeSeeFeedbackComponent to work around a known issue in Xcode 11 (see also this Swift bug report).

  • All Trigger/CxMeasure functionality that previously resided in the main ForeSee class was moved to ForeSeeCxMeasure. In most cases updating only requires calling the desired method on ForeSeeCxMeasure instead of ForeSee. For example:

[ForeSee checkIfEligibleForSurvey];

Is now:

[ForeSeeCxMeasure checkIfEligibleForSurvey];

See the latest API docs for up-to-date method signatures and functionality.