Mobile Survey Trigger Options

This topic explains the Mobile trigger options for surveys that use Classic or Modern survey invitation and rendering templates.
After the sampling criteria has been met for a specific survey definition, the invitation is displayed as a modal overlay that slides up from the bottom of the page. Once displayed, the site visitor has the option to receive a text or email at the conclusion of their visit.
If the visitor ignores the invitation, they are eligible for re-invitation on the following pages of the site if they meet the sampling percentage again.
After the site visitor has acted on the invitation, they are not invited again for a configurable period. See Configuring Re-invite Behavior for more information.


Email Survey Trigger Options

Visitors that who select the 'Email me' option receive an email containing a link to the survey after five minutes (configurable) of no activity. The HTML email template may be customized to fit your brand guidelines.

SMS Survey Trigger Options

Visitors that select the 'Text me' option receive the following message: "As promised, here is your $companyName survey: $surveyLink. Pw'd by Foresee". By default, the message is sent five minutes after the end of the session. The delay time can also be adjusted as desired. The SMS option is available in the United State, Canada, and the United Kingdom, with support for all carriers. Translations are available for Spanish and French as well.


Note: In rare cases, some prepaid plans may be set to block incoming messages from SMS short codes. This is an account level setting which can be updated by the account owner.

Compliance with New Google Standards

Google made some updates to how they rank sites based on the use of pop-ups on mobile devices. Verint is aware of this and its potential impact.
This Google update only impacts the CX Survey invitation on mobile devices based on how the invitation is displayed as an interstitial/pop-up. Google’s new policy went into effect on January 10, 2017, at which point pages where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the Mobile Search Results may not rank as high.
As of Web SDK version 19.2.0, a new mobile invitation solution to meet the new Google standards. The changes include:

  • New, less obtrusive banner-style invitation
  • Shorter instructions
  • Easy-to-identify call to action
  • An easily-dismissable user interface

For existing customers, the new invitation is automatically included with the update to your mobile code package. If you have not received a Version 19.2.0 upgrade to your package, this can be coordinated through your Account Manager. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact your Account Manager.