Overlay Trigger Configuration Options

Overlay Trigger configurations options are currently available for Engagement Surveys only. Overlay triggering skips the invitation process and directly presents an unobtrusive, in-session survey to the site visitors (who match the respondent selection criteria). The conversational, short approach and simple UI enables quick responses from the visitors.

Overlay triggering is currently supported on Desktop devices only.

Desktop Trigger Options

  • Idle Views Before Stop: Defines the maximum number of times a survey may be shown to the user before categorizing the user response as Abandon. By default, user response is never classified as Abandoned unless a value is specified.
  • Views Show Consecutively: Defines whether a survey is shown on all consecutive pages after it is first shown.
  • Idle time before abandon: Defines the time limit (in milliseconds) after which a survey that is not interacted with will close. If the page is reloaded before reaching the idle time limit, the counter restarts.
  • On-exit follow-up survey: Defines whether a follow-up survey (via text or email) should be sent when a visitor is about to leave a page. Only Measurement Surveys can be sent as a follow-up survey.
  • Pagination Type: Defines how many questions show up per page.
  • abTestPercent: Defines the percentage of visitors who are shown the surveys directly. For example, if it is set to 60%, 60% of respondents selected will be shown the surveys directly, and the other 40% will be shown surveys invitations (based on the survey definition).
  • Survey Position: Defines the corner where the survey is shown on the desktop screen – top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right.