Personalize Your Mobile On-Exit Email

Mobile On-Exit Email Overview

Setting up a Mobile On-Exit email is quick and easy. This is especially true if you have the assets to create a Modern invitation. ForeSee can apply the images and color scheme used with your invitation to the On-Exit email template, resulting in continuity between the two. This article provides information about the email template and what you can do to prepare a fresh, new On-Exit email of your own.


Creating a Mobile On-Exit Survey Email

The previous image is an example of what a user sees when they open one of your On-Exit emails. Everything from the banner image to the footer text can be changed in order to stay brand-compliant and offer the user as much content as desired. Here is a list of things you need to get started.


ForeSee needs two images in order to create an On-Exit email for you. One banner image and one square brand logo.

Banner Image: Required dimensions 125 pixels x 450 pixels. Note: Images beyond these dimensions may not appear as desired.

Brand Logo: Required dimensions 200 pixels x 200 pixels. Note: Images beyond these dimensions may not appear as desired.



ForeSee also requires at least one brand color. Any hexadecimal code color is supported and can be used. The colors you provide can be used as below.

Button Background Color: This color should complement the colors in the brand logo.


Logo background color: This color is optional and is used to frame the logo, replacing the default white. The following images illustrate the default white background followed by a custom gray background.

470470 470470

Additional Styling

Once the above items are provided to ForeSee, the email may be further customized if desired. ForeSee provides the default text and style, but you're welcome to make any changes you'd like.

Header Text
By default, the header text reads, "We appreciate your feedback."

Body Text
By default, the body text reads, "Thank you for your interest in our survey. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our mobile experience!"

Footer Text
By default, the footer text is blank, but can be used to insert a disclaimer or further information about your customer support contacts.

You are welcome to use any open Google Font you'd like. By default, ForeSee uses Open Sans, as it is readable and similar to stock fonts that may be used by default in many email applications.


The options available for Mobile On-Exit allow you to easily deliver an attractive survey email while meeting your brand requirements. To learn more about ForeSee's ability to customize the invitation and tracker windows, click here!