SDK Events


The ForeSee® SDK posts the following notifications to the default NSNotificationCenter:

  • FSInviteDidShowNotification - Posted when the default invitation is displayed.
  • FSInviteWasDeclinedNotification - Posted when the default invitation is declined.
  • FSInviteWasAcceptedNotification - Posted when the default invitation is accepted.
  • FSSurveyWasCompletedNotification - Posted when the survey is completed.
  • FSSurveyWasAbandonedNotification - Posted when the survey is abandoned.
  • FSSurveyDidShowNotification - Posted when the survey is presented.


Avoiding conflicts other invitations/offers

The SDK events listed can be useful to prevent conflicts with other invitations/offers. For example, if you only want a user to see a maximum of one solicitation, you can listen for FSInviteDidShowNotification. If you receive a post notification, you can then suppress other invitations/offers (mailing list invitation, app store ratings, etc.)


You may register an object conforming to the FSInviteDelegate protocol to receive additional SDK lifecycle events. Delegates should be registered using the following method:

[ForeSeeCxMeasure setInviteDelegate:myCustomInviteDelegate];

This delegate can be used with or without a custom invitation.

The SDK's public protocols are fully documented in the API docs.