Survey Invitation Templates

Verint has developed several invitation templates based on years of experience in collecting consumer feedback across a variety of clients and industries. Everything from the design to the invitation language has been tested to minimize any complications in adding the invitation to your site. In addition to providing a simple and delightful user experience, these templates also incorporate the latest best practices in web design. The templates support most types of browsers/devices and complies with accessibility standards, such as US Government Section 508 requirements and international WCAG certifications.
Verint offers a base template for mobile and a couple of template options for desktop. On desktop, the Modern template offers a highly branded experience, and the Classic template provides an official looking “independent 3rd party surveyor” style.

Below are screenshots of recommended invitation templates. To get started with these templates, all that is required is your logo image at a minimum resolution of 200 pixels x 200 pixels.

Modern Desktop Invitation Template

Please note that this option became available with Web SDK version 19.7.0.


Classic Desktop Invitation

Here is the Classic template for the desktop:


Mobile Invitation Template

For mobile devices both a dark and light template is provided. The following image shows the invitation flow using the dark template.

Note: Mobile invitations can only be used for surveys rendered using Modern or Classic rendering template.


The light template has the same flow, but looks like this: