Survey Placement Best Practices


The data gathered from surveys is tremendously valuable in helping to prioritize initiatives, highlight customer pain points, and improve customer connections. By taking advantage of ForeSee's survey placement options, these surveys can be precisely targeted and opportunely placed. This article showcases some of the effective ways that Foresee has helped customers effectively launch both CX Measure and Feedback surveys with maximum results.

Web Placement Options

Presenting a survey in a browser somewhere on your site is one of the most common ways of gathering survey data. This can take many different forms, with each approach being effective in its own way.

On-Exit Survey

With the ForeSee<sup® CX Measure survey, you can invite site visitors to complete a survey at the conclusion of their visit. This allows visitors to continue their visit without interruption, and also provides you with a response based on their entire visit. You can also adjust the survey based on the visitor's interactions with your site. This can be useful if you want to understand a specific phase in the customer journey, such as checkout or product browsing. This survey placement is well suited for model based surveys. See Survey Invitation for more details on configuration options.


Feedback Link

A feedback link is one of the most common and traditional collection methods for respondents to share thier experience with a particular page. A link is placed at the bottom or top of the page, usually under the support or customer service page that directs the visitor to a survey. This placement is ideal for a short survey as it allows a visitor to quickly leave feedback and continue with their site visit.


Button / Icon

Using a button or icon to embed a survey is another effective strategy to capturing feedback on a particular page or experience. This can be done with some sort of feedback icon, or by launching the survey from a button that is clicked or tapped in response to a question.



Badges are one of the most dynamic ways of getting feedback from your users. Because they are on some part of the screen at all times, badges can help you generate feedback from any point in the site.


Web Targeting Options

In addition to determining the appropriate placement of a survey, identifying the correct target audience is also very important. Using ForeSee's targeting tools, you can answer questions like:

  • Are new visitors able to find the content they are looking for?
  • What do returning visitors think of their checkout experience?
  • Is the account creation process confusing for visitors from a certain country?
  • Why do visitors from a particular source visit my site?

See Survey Invitation for a list of the web targeting options.

Other Placement Options

Mobile App

ForeSee surveys can be placed within your native mobile apps on Android or iOS. See iOS SDK and Android SDK for detailed information on implementing these options.

Receipt Surveys

You can collect responses from visitors to your store locations with survey invitations on receipts. Using special tracking codes, visitors can provide feedback on a specific location. Sweepstakes or other incentives can be offered as well to increase participation.


Email Surveys

Distributing feedback surveys through links at the bottom of confirmation or thank you emails is another effective way of getting customer satisfaction data. Design customization is possible, and you have the option to send the emails or have ForeSee send them on your behalf. Here are a few examples.

A survey link can be placed with an order confirmation email:


A branded survey email invitation is possible as well:



ForeSee helps you understand your customer journey with convenient, timely, and insightful surveys. Please contact ForeSee to discuss these or other options in more detail.