Using Tag Managers to Add the Embed Snippet


Tag managers assist and simplify the implementation of code on a website. Using a tag manager has various benefits, which include enhancing website performance and helping marketers more efficiently implement their initiatives. Any tag manager may be used to add the ForeSee embed snippet. ForeSee also has official integration with Tealium and with Adobe. This article contains instructions on adding the embed snippet for three common tag managers: Google, Tealium, and Adobe.

Tealium Tag Manager

Please use the official ForeSee tag within Tealium. It is recommended that you create two tags, one for production and one for staging.

Adobe Launch Tag Manager

Here are the instructions on how to implement ForeSee using Adobe Launch (Adobe's newest tag management solution). Adobe Launch is available here


Environments in Adobe Launch

Adobe Launch has three environments: development, staging, production.
ForeSee has two deployment containers: staging, production.
Only the Adobe Launch production environment maps to the ForeSee production container. The other two map to the staging container.

Once you have logged into Adobe Launch:

  1. Create a new Property.
    Domains can be anything.
  2. Click Extension, click Catalog, install and save the ForeSee extension.
  3. On the left-side tool bar, select Properties and select the property you just created.
  4. Click on Adapters and create a new Adapter. For Type, select Akamai.
  5. Click on Environments and create a new Environment.
    You can have multiple development environments, but only one staging and one production environment. Under Select Environment, choose the adapter you created. Click Create. The Header Embed Code and Footer Embed Code snippets must be added to the test and prod sites you create.
  6. Click Rules and then click Create New Rule. For the simplest rule, do the following:
  • Add an Event:
    • Extension: Core
    • Event Type: On Load
  • Click Keep Changes
  • Add an Action:
    • Extension: ForeSee
    • Action Type: Load Gateway
    • Site Key: the site key of your implementation.
  • Click Keep Changes
  • Click Save Rule
  1. Click Publishing and then click Add New Library. In Environment, choose the environment you want to associate the library to.
  • Add any rules that you need. You probably only need the one you created in the last step. For each rule, select a revision and click Select this Revision.
  • Add the Extensions ForeSee and Core. For each of those, click Select this Revision.
  • Click Save.
  • Open the drop-down of your library and click Build for Development.
  1. Once this build succeeds, you are able to run the development Adobe Launch snippet on your test site. As mentioned before, this snippet maps to the staging ForeSee container of your implementation.

You can follow similar Publishing steps to get this code into staging and production.

Adobe Digital Tag Manager

To implement ForeSee with Adobe Digital Tag Manager (Adobe's older tag manager), you must set up a custom tag. This is a very straight forward process, and instructions can be found here: []

Google Tag Manager

There is no official ForeSee integration with Google Tag Manager, but it can be set up easily with a custom tag.
Overview of how to use Google Tag Manager: []
More details on custom tags: