Verify that Digital Behavior Analytics Recording is Working


Verify that your website is ready to record sessions with DBA

  • Open a new incognito window in your Google Chrome Browser.
  • Navigate to the web page you want to test.
  • Press F12 (fn + F12 on Mac)  to open the browser debug console.
  • Copy and paste the following JavaScript in the console:
(function () {
    var s = document.createElement("script"); 
    s.setAttribute("src", "");

The script can report the following issues:

Could not find DBA recording code on the page!Ask support to enable DBA recording for your site.
Answerscloud integration code found!You are using an outdated version of the integration code. You are using an outdated version of the integration code. Ask support for an updated version of your integration code.
ForeSee WebSDK Version > 19.13 not foundAsk support to upgrade your environment to the latest WebSDK version.
Web socket not working!The script cannot create a web socket connection to the DBA server. If you use a strict Content Security Policy (CSP), see this topic for details to update them for DBA.

If you do not use a strict CSP, your network/proxy/VPN/Browser Plugin (such as Ghostery, certain Adblockers) may block web socket connections to outside hosts or specifically to Execute the script on an unrestricted environment to verify.
JSON.stringify() is broken by prototype.jsUpgrade to a protoype.js version >= 1.7.0 or remove the prototype.js framework from your site
ask support to exclude domains/paths using the framework from tracking.
Site is not using HTTPSSet up your site to support HTTPS connections. A self-signed certificate is sufficient.

Verify that the website you wish to record is available on the public internet

This prerequisite currently cannot be checked by the script included above.

Most production environments are publicly available, unlike testing or staging environments. The following conditions can block access to your web server:

  • Your server is using a private IP address that servers outside your network cannot access.
  • Your firewall is blocking outside access to your staging or testing system. In this case, you might be able to whitelist the IP addresses of the DBA servers.
  • Your site has a login area, and access to resources like style sheets or images requires prior authentication. This is unusual, but whitelisting the DBA servers' IP addresses for this kind of authentication will resolve the issue.

If the DBA servers cannot access your web server, your replay sessions may be recorded, but styling and images will not be present during session playback.

Record a session

If you upgrade from ForeSee Legacy Replay or only have a Digital Behavior Replay license, only sessions where users fill out a survey or submit Feedback will be recorded. Customers with a full Digital Behavior Analytics license can also record sessions independently from a submission.

To record a session, navigate to a section of the site that shows a survey or feedback button and submit it. We recommend not to frequently select "Don't know", or the ForeSee system will filter the survey.

In some cases, you can also initiate a survey by executing: FSR.showInvite() in the JavaScript console.

You can then visit additional pages of your site that you wish to include in your recording.

Verify Recording

Surveys are processed overnight and Feedback needs between 2 and 4 hours. Your recording is available to view in the CX Suite when processing and feedback is complete. This table provides issues and solutions if your replay session does not display as expected:

The recording does not show up.Please verify if all prerequisites listed previously in this topic are met. Wait up to 16 hours for processing to complete.
Styling or images are missing.Please verify if all prerequisites listed previously in this topic are met.
The session recording does not start at the beginning of my session.Before a feedback or survey submission, recording data is stored in the local buffer of the user's browser. This buffer is limited and will discard page impressions at the beginning of the session when it is depleted.
Masking is not applied correctly.Please send support the URL of the recording in the CX Suite, a screenshot and a description of the masking you wish to apply in future recordings.

Get Support

Please contact support and include the following information for a quick turnaround:

  • A description of the problem (if possible, include screenshots)
  • The output from the script above
  • The date and time of your recording
  • If applicable, the URL of the website and the recording in CX Suite
  • If applicable, test credentials for website sections that are non-public
  • If possible, ways to access your test or staging environment