Verify that Replay is Working

Replay Testing Steps

To test ForeSee Replay, you must simulate a survey, as Replay movies are only processed when accompanied by a completed survey. To simulate a survey, follow the steps in the Verify Invitation Display article. After accepting the invitation, navigate around the site and collect some events by clicking on a few pages and objects. Visit pages where masking rules are in place (e.g. Checkout, My Account, etc.), so that you can confirm that masking rules are applied correctly. And don’t forget to submit the survey!

Watch the Replays in the ForeSee Portal on the following day. If Replay seems to be recording and transmitting correctly, then replays should begin showing up in the portal the day after a survey submission.

**Note:** If the testing environment is NOT available to the public, the ForeSee Replay code still runs. However, Replay movies are not created because the process is unable to go back to the site and collect the assets of the page, such as images and style sheets. This causes the movie processing to be incomplete. In order to fix this, you can whitelist the ForeSee IP addresses. Please contact your account representative for the list of IPs to whitelist.
##Verify Replay Capture To verify that Replay Capture is running for a survey, trigger a survey invitation and then observe the recording service running over the network traffic in the browser’s developer tools.

To begin testing, force a survey invitation using the browser’s JavaScript console.

  1. Press (F12).
  2. Go to the Network tab. (1)
  3. Clear the contents of the history. (2)
  1. Then, open the Console tab. (3)
  2. Type FSR.showInvite(); into the console prompt and press enter. (4)
  3. Accept the invitation that is shown for a survey. (5)

Once the survey invitation has been accepted, return to the Network tab of the console. You should see 'corsservice' requests being sent to If you can see these transmissions, Replay’s recording is running successfully.

You can also verify the data capture by typing in the console and clicking Enter. The data returned starts with FSR_ followed by other data collected.

**Note:** If your website contains iframed elements, you may observe additional console logs. This is normal, and it's just caused by Replay recording the content in the iframe. 18751875